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June 23, 2007


Hey, Greg!
True words you've spoken, Greg. I am going out on a limb here and saying something that I hope I don't regret. I don't consider someone who makes their living reporting for a paper to be a blogger (even if that's what their paper calls their column) in the truest sense of the word. I (and you, Ken, and Seth) can pretty much write what we feel. We are not writing to please anyone but ourselves. We are not writing for a paycheck--no one is paying us to give our (read as "their") opinion, so we are true bloggers. Diary-keepers. Journalers--not journalists. Anyway, that's my two-cents on that.

Great to see you and meet Ken last night; thought I'd get the chance to meet Seth, and then the stars aligned differently and we spent the rest of the time sitting with Gene while he ate his ice cream! It was cool. Joe bought his music store from a guy who studied with Gene, so they know each other slightly, and the other guy who came over and sat with us (drummer, Bill Blind) knows Gene fairly well. We hung out until way too late for us "over 20-somethings" and helped him get his gear back up to his room. I had walked up to Gene after he was done and the band had left, and I told him how beautiful his music was and how embarrassed I was that so many people were talking through it. Cell phone woman on the sofa, clapping man with the chatting women behind my left shoulder--I shot them a look a couple of times and they got the message for a minute. What is wrong with people? Is it only in Rochester that we have no social graces when we go to see performances or is it like that everywhere? It was downright embarrassing. Jonathan Kreisberg mentioned it three times in his second set that first night of the Jazz Fest. It was bad enough that he had to mention it once. But that didn't stop people--not even the third time.

We can't go back tonight because Joe's got a gig, but we are going to his concert on Tuesday at Nazareth, I think. Maybe we'll see you there?

Amen, Tracy.

More people who don't "get" the blogging thing: here's an article linked to on kottke as 100 blogs ABC News loves so much, they didn't link to a single one.

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