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June 27, 2007


Personally, I think you kicked ass all week long. Kudos!

Greg, I think you did a fine job. Your blog is really amazing, and the effort you put forth throughout the RIJF was huge. You know, it doesn't seem like it would be fun to be carrying a laptop around to each show and maybe leaving each show early to write. I did see a guy sitting and typing furiously on his laptop while he waited in line--don't know if it was related to RIJF or it was his homework or job-related.

For me and my friend, the Jazz Fest gave us the feeling we were on vacation. I don't think I would be able to put forth the level of effort you are talking about next year and still enjoy it. I have been thinking about strategies to see more acts next year, and they all involve the following: some vacation hours from work so that I can get there early and stay late, better pre-planning, only "popping in" to a show for 15 minutes or so, so that I can get to the next one, and going alone so that I am not affecting someone else's enjoyment. The only thing palatable in that list is going early and staying late! If I were at a show that I was loving, I wouldn't want to leave in order to stay on schedule. And I loved being there with my friend and sharing that enjoyment. Anyway, I'm rambling. My point is that although I'd like to do a better job at my Jazz Fest blogging next year, I think I'll just do the best I can and still enjoy it. I love the idea of your "man-on-the-street" moblogging, by the way.

Thanks, Jason and Tracy. It was a f*ing amazing time for me and very successful for Jazz@Rochester, but I think that putting it out there helps keep me honest and makes this blog more personal. I didn't do a lot of what I planned as it began to feel more like work and that defeats the real purpose of going for me--exposure to incredible new sounds and sharing in the festival and fun.

Tracy, there are some tricks to getting to see who you want that Seth, Ken, Jason and I have gained over a number of years of attending this thing. They have written about it some, and we're of course willing to share. I'm also supported in taking in so much of the festival by the fact that I have some flexibility in coming and going at work and, more importantly, I have a REALLY understanding wife and do not have children.

BTW, the guy you saw with the laptop was probably Jeff Spevak of the D&C.

Yes, Greg, I would love to learn the tricks! That would help.

I was feeling a little guilty one night when I was at the Fest and I knew my daughter was home--she's 16, she didn't care, but . . . MomGuilt. Anyway, I did get to share an attempt to see Eldar with my son and and a successful venture to see Bill Frisell and Rusted Root with both of them, so that was cool.

And, once again, you (and your blog) rocked!

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