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June 02, 2008


we were over at the strath Wycliffe asked me about Quinn being at the Flat iron I told him I was just there they hadn't started yet. Wycliffe said are you going over I said yea he said I will meet you there. I went over after hangin out at the strath we hung out and i sang one little blues tune we had alot of fun and then i left. Everyone sounded great.

Maybe if the Flat Iron paid musicians better, more would venture out to get a gig. We could have the local greats playing again and not just wishing we had a "scene."

But, since the Eastman rules this area, and the few people that aren't Eastman students or faculty play for pennies... we ares stuck with the same old same old.

Jazz is dead in Rochester. No one wants to come out because most people don't want to drive to the ghetto for something like that.

A little advice: bring jazz to the suburbs. Cut the cord with the Eastman. Stop promoting academic jazz and get real with the real thing.

And that ain't Bob Sneider or the RPO!

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