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October 05, 2008


I'd crawl...
Sounds like a good idea.

You make a good point about the pub crawl. I think a few of the problems lie in just defining jazz. There are many different styles and certainly attending the Rochester International Jazz Fest (RIJF) proves that. There are plenty of groups and performers at RIJF that I would not classify as jazz. More specific labels, such as jazz fusion, instrumental jazz, traditional jazz with vocal, etc. might provide some clarity. It is hard to define an artist such as Pat Metheny as just jazz because he plays many different styles from traditional to Latin influenced, etc.

People who like jazz have different tastes and opinions that are formed throughtout a lifetime of music appreciation. Some prefer traditional jazz while others like simpler jazz fusion. Again, jazz is a vague term.
RIJF and the pub crawl are great ideas to expose more people to "jazz" music. To get people to actually listen outside of concerts/performances is a hard sell for jazz and instrumental music in general.
Keep the great ideas and informative notifications on jazz in Rochester coming!

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