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June 13, 2009


We must have been following you. We also got to Kari Ikonene & Karikko and and you did indeed miss some interesting sound. We caught the last half of the set 7:30 set then hoofed it to Christ Church for Peter King. It was a great evening and we left exhausted at 10:30 after a bit of Organissimo. WE really like the Xerox Auditorium venue although the balcony site lines are strange - looking at the top of Billy Bang's head. The new improved tent is also great with much improved sound.

An aside: Can't get your moblogs during the festival - surroundings are too noisy to listen.

Thanks for the comment, Paul. On your aside, you're pointing out an inherent flaw in my idea. In addition (and I'm sure I'll get little disagreement), there's not much too them (i.e., they're not really worth straining yourself to hear anyway). I have a lot to say, but for some reason when I think to do one, it comes out light on the substance. Even if they did, your point about being able to hear is spot on. Thanks.

I'm going to try to write some posts from the Typepad dashboard I have on my iPhone and, of course, tweet a bit (you can follow that on the TweetFest page by clicking on the link in the right column or here: http://www.jazzrochester.com/jazzrochester-on-twitter.html

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