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June 26, 2011


Just to start things off, I did not get a chance to see a lot of acts. I was played a lot on the festival. I heard Bill Charlap's trio which was nice. The love to hear real arranged trio stuff and Bill and the Washington's (Kenny and Peter) are a working trio and it showed. Nice set.

I have to agree with mike however I heard more swing at the jam than at the venues or entertainment which many people said. But the lines were long and I had to make a decision.

I loved Tia Fuller, I have seen Regina(who added the African flavor of the African roots of Jazz that the stage usually has probably at producer's suggestion) so I know her show was off the chain. Bill Charlap I know steady from new york and know he was swingin...I also loved the show of Ronnie scotts plus
they made it to the jam as well. Thanks to the radio stations I was able to make a final desicion of those I did not know buy listening to their releases like sinne Eeg and your site as well.

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