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June 28, 2013


Hey Greg, speaking of the new normal... what's with people talking in concert venues? I was in the cheap seats at Kodak Hall for the James/Sanborn/Gadd show and at least three couples found the need to say STUPID things ***during the music***. I have no problem with people reacting to the music, per se, but this was just too much. Talk in between pieces, fine. On the street, talk all you want, I'll wander somewhere else. In a club, drinking, sure talk at Your Table a little.

Honestly, what could people possible say that was better or more important than the performance? (Which was Great) These were middle-age types, who should know better. Let the musicians talk/play/perform.

These 'jazzholes' seemed to know a little about music, which makes it all the worse. Dude, David Sanborn can't hear you and don't care if you think he's really killin' it.

You can't talk and hear at the same time... Sorry, rant off. Greg, glad you're having a good festival. What did you think of the Little as a venue?

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