There's one place to find all of the ... Live jazz in Rochester, NY, February 8th to 14th
Welcome WGMC'ers to our comprehensive listings of ... live jazz in Rochester, NY, February 15-21 (now with more...)

JazzRochester is partnering with Jazz 90.1 WGMC Jazz Radio

Jazz 90.1 WGMC logoAs announced on the Jazz 90.1 website earlier this week, JazzRochester is working with WGMC Radio, Jazz 90.1, in our shared purpose of promoting live jazz in our community. Our first collaboration is that Jazz 90.1 is no longer doing their club calendar and instead is now forwarding those who select that on their website (and in their app) to JazzRochester and our weekly listings of jazz gigs in and around Rochester (always found at the top of the page). There may be some changes in the post to accommodate this, but they will be minimal and you'll still find the most comprehensive listings of live jazz.  I'm looking forward to other collaborations in the future as together we try to build a vibrant jazz scene and community in and around Rochester, New York. 

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This is great, Greg! 90.1 is lucky to have you as a partner.

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