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Welcome to the new Jazz@Rochester!!!

I'm glad you clicked through to check out the new Jazz@Rochester or found it in some other way....Welcome!  If this is your first time, check out the About this Blog... links in the left panel, which describes why I do this and what you can expect.  Using my Typepad account provides me with a lot more tools, doo-dads and other "blog bling" than the free Blogsome.com platform. You'll see me trying out these new options (and sometimes deleting them later when they prove to be less useful or more burdensome on my time).  I'll post to describe them and why I'm adding them in (for example, see the upcoming post on the Upcoming Events Calendar from Trumba).  The old Blogsome version will remain as there are posts from more than a year of jazz in Rochester in there and there is still not an easy way to port them from that Wordpress-based blog to Typepad.  Just head over here to check it out, if you wish.

Please let me know what you think and what you'd like to see. Again, welcome . . . please come back!

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