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Moutin Reunion Quartet at Water Street

This Friday the Moutin Reunion Quartet will be returning to Rochester, playing this Friday, September 8th at the Water Street Music Hall. You may have caught their performance at the Montage during the 2005 Rochester International Jazz Festival, which was described in a short City Newspaper note as "some of the hardest driving music of the festival."  The interplay between the two twin brothers while playing is consistently described as "symbiotic."  Based on my reading about them  in Downbeat and other reviews (but alas not on my own experience...yet), a review of a January 2006 gig at the famous Yoshi's in Oakland, California, in the blog FOJAZZ sums up a Moutin Reunion Quartet performance well:

Exhibiting an electrifying four-way tension that copped free-jazz energy while staying resolutely in-the-pocket, the quartet packed more vitality into each of the set's five tunes than many groups manage in a full evening.

You can also read a review of a 2004 Moutin Reunion Quartet gig in D.C.'s Blues Alley here.  It should be a real treat.

As you can see from the new calendar (if you follow the link to the full calendar at Trumba, that is), there are a number of jazz artists booked into Water Street through the end of the year as they take up the slack left by the apparent final demise of the Montage Grille (more on that later).  None of the acts currently scheduled could be called tame or quiet, but I'm curious how the sound will work in the cavernous Water Street.  On the other hand, I've seen some great music there as well. 

Tickets are $20 and are on sale at Ticketmaster and Aaron's Alley on Monroe.  Let's get some people out for this so that they keep coming!  We'll be there.

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