Welcome to the new Jazz@Rochester!!!
A Heads Up for Some Sounds at the Strathallan....

The new Trumba Upcoming Events calendar...

One new feature of the new Jazz@Rochester is the ability to integrate a lot more of what's out there to make this blog more interesting and useful.  The free blog host Blogsome, while providing quite a lot of flexibility in design, etc., still was limited in how much I could do.

One thing I'm trying is an Upcoming Events calendar over in the left panel, using Trumba.  I won't be putting EVERY jazz gig going on in town into this calendar as that would be WAY TOO MUCH WORK.  Instead, I hope to give advance notice of upcoming live jazz events that have been announced in the future or highlight gigs by artists on tour or from out of town.  By clicking through to my Jazz@Rochester calendar on Trumba you have a number of options, including downloading the info into your calendar, setting email reminders or text message reminders to your cell, sending an invite to your friends, etc.   We'll see how it works (let me know what you think in Comments to this message).

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My dear husband,

Now it's my turn to write to you. :) Congratulations on getting the new blog up and running! I'm so very proud of all you've accomplished in such a short amount of time. I know that if you continue to follow your passion, you will be increasingly happy and successful.

I love you completely always.

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