A week's worth of jazz for you . . . .
The Fiddler Returns . . . Billy Bang in Rochester



Sorry I missed it. He was great in June. BTW, what was with this quote in the City:

"Anyone who caught the jazz violinist at the 1994 or 1996 Rochester International Jazz Festivals "

Is this a mistke, or are they referring to a previous incarnation of RIJF?

Hi Seth,

Billy's been to the RIJF twice. The first time was in '94 -- he wasn't scheduled to appear, but another act backed out at the last minute, and they asked Billy to come (after Jeff Springut caught him at the Bop Shop and loved him). Then they invited him back this past summer.

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Thanks for stepping in with the answer, Jason. Afraid the email alerts were buried. Not that I would have had the answer . . . .

Yeah, but he was here at the 2004 festival. Was there a 1994 and 1996 festival, or were those typos? This was the 5th Annual show, the original being in 2002. I was asking if there was an earlier version of the RIJF, perhaps w/o John Nugent?

Sorry about the delay, Seth. Been out of town and somewhat outta my mind busy. I'll try to get an answer from Jason Crane and get back to you.

Hi folks,

I don't know how I missed "1994 and 1996," but I read that as "2004 and 2006." I don't know about appearances all those years ago. My guess is City made the same mistake I did and misprinted the years.


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