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Trumba, Schmuba....

For those of you that have been hanging around the new blog, one addition that I thought was nice was the integration of the Trumba calendar into the site.  While I have no idea of how many of you actually took advantage of the calendar's many nice features (like sending you an email or SMS reminder), it helped keep the upcoming shows in order and gave me a way to list those coming from out of town earlier and then post about the show either before or after the fact.  In classic case of bait and switch, although perhaps because I was a late arriver, I recently received notice from the folks at Trumba that I had only 90 days to go on my free calendar account.  After 3 months of enjoying the benefits of the new Trumba, I will have to pay a rather exhorbitant fee (by Web 2.0 standards) to keep using it.  Google Calendar, here I come?  Watch these pages for the changes....

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