Some jazz to while away the final hours of 2006....
New jazz for a new year. . .

Best of 2006? What do YOU think?

As you may already know, this is the year where YOU are the Time Person of the Year (I recently heard someone say that he's just waiting for the first person to use it on their resume..."2006 Time Person of the Year").  I don't do "best of" columns if I can help it.  For one, I've been so busy during the past year that my listening to recorded jazz (or anything else) has been too limited to give any of the great music released this year anything approaching justice.  But I can point you to others, can't I?  Check out what others are saying.  Here's a few choices:

  • The Best Jazz Albums of 2006: Time and tide wait for no man, except maybe jazz musicians, by Fred Kaplan on
  • A podcast of an on air review of the Best of the Year in Jazz, brought to you through NPR Radio from NYC's WBGO on air hosts Gary Walker, Rhonda Hamilton & Michael Bourne.
  • C. Michael Bailey's Best Recordings of 2006 (and some from 2005) from
  • The Top 25 jazz albums of 2006 from the writers on
  • The 2006 Jazz Journalists Association Jazz Awards Winners on

These are just a few.  As Mr. Bailey points out at the beginning of his column he decided to do it before the end of the year this year, which implies that many others wait until after the turning of the new year before putting out their lists.  I'll keep a watch out and report on it here after January 1st. 

While there are some great ones on these lists, I'm sure that you may have some different ideas. I'd like to hear about YOUR top new jazz recordings for 2006.  Just leave a comment to this post.  I look forward to hearing from you.    

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