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Some jazz to while away the final hours of 2006....

A new year cometh . . . A good year passeth

It seems customary on many of the blogs I monitor to use this holiday period prior to the New Year as an opportunity to ruminate on the site's year and its future in the coming year.  Might as well join in as it gives me a chance to use bullet points (oh joy, oh joy....!!!). 

So this will be the first of my musings on 2006 and the upcoming year.  It's a mix of good and bad, followed by some resolutions that I swear I'll try to implement (but some of which will go the way of many New Year resolutions):

  • Well, first out of the box is that this was the year that I took the plunge and rebranded this blog to its own domain and new blogging platform.  My prior endeavor can be found here (it is still up as there is a lot of content there that I'd rather not move for now, or at least until there is a good tool for importing Wordpress blogs into Typepad).  These mainly technological changes have had a substantial effect.
  • This year has seen some major growth in the statistics on this blog.  While the overall numbers are not impressive in the sense that I might make some money off it , which is understandable given its limited scope both geographically and subject matter-wise, the amount of growth this year over my first is really heartening. In 2005 (from April on), I had a total of 641 unique visitors.  As of the end of November of 2006, I have logged almost 2,700.  In 2005, I had a total of 113 returning visitors to the site; this year it has grown to over 600.  A few of you are even adding the blog to your feed readers or receiving email updates.  The rebranding has created an even faster growing audience.
  • One of the most gratifying things about editing this blog is that it is resulted in me meeting a number of people with whom I likely never would have crossed paths. You can see these connections made in 2006 all over this and the earlier incarnation of this blog, like here, here and here. I've met a number of local jazz artists as well. 
  • My wife and I started our own business late last year and the work on that business,  D.S. Leach Consulting, Inc., as well as with our company's new relationship with Windsor Media Enterprises and WME Books and the blogging I'm doing on two blogs associated with that company (WME Blogs and A-ha: Authors Helping Authors) has been a substantial drain on my resources.  Not to mention that this is done on top of "day" job. 
  • I have a lot of ideas about how to promote live jazz music here in Rochester. My dilemma to date is that to implement many of them I'd either need to be independently wealthy (which I assure you I am not) or have a lot more time to devote to it than I do now.  I'll at least try to outline these ideas here in these pages going forward. 
  • One of the unique things about a blog is that it is social software. It is intended to create a conversation and works best when that conversation is full and lively. I wish there were more comments coming in.  However, I recognize that it is also due to the type of posts and my writing, so I'll try some posts that "troll" a bit to see if anyone out there wants to join the conversation.
  • While I've heard a LOT of live jazz this year, I missed some artists who I really wanted to hear.  I need to remedy that.

There is a lot of exciting stuff happening in my life recently and this blog has been an integral part in preparing me for it. I still enjoy it and will continue to write it and try to improve it.  OK, that's enough for now.  I've still got a few days to ruminate.  Hope you all had/are having a wonderful holiday season!

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