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More "Best of 2006" Jazz

I'll send you out to look at some others' lists, but won't make them myself.  Why?  In 2006, I did buy the new disc of the Dave Holland Quintet, Critical Mass, and I picked up the new one by Joe Locke/Geoffrey Keezer Group while at their gig at Water Street, and I just recently downloaded a couple of tracks from Ornette Coleman's new album Sound Grammar (on many of the 2006 lists this year) to add to my new IPod Nano (Christmas present to myself...).  What I didn't do is hear enough of the new jazz albums out there this year to realistically give you a top 10. This blog is mostly about live jazz anyway.  So here it goes, a few more top 2006 jazz lists:

Dan Ouellette over at Billboard noted that at least when looking at the charts, jazz had an "unadventurous year," writing:

But for jazz aficionados who like their music melodically sublime, harmonically sophisticated and rhythmically alert and jarring, the death knell for the idiom rings prematurely. There's still vibrancy in a feast of 2006's forward-looking jazz projects -- none of which charted.

So, they didn't chart?  Big deal.  We've heard some great new jazz in 2006.  Again, I invite you to leave a comment and let us all know which albums and/or new jazz artists really hit with you this year.

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