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Dr. Lonnie Smith @ VENU . . . a whole lotta head waggin goin on

All the kids are doing it . . . AND Rochester jazz musicians

So are you MySpacing? Like this blog, this phenomenon of social media allows one to easily set up a site that runs on creating links between people and building networks. There are also some great tools available on MySpace sites, including a way to stream an artist's latest music. Musicians of all stripes, not just the ones all the youngsters are listening to, are flocking to MySpace.  A number of jazz artists and groups are also getting in on the "Friends" action.  So far, I've managed to find the following local artists in my meanderings around MySpace (some of whom already have links in the right panel):

If an artist is not in the Artists links yet, I'll be adding them soon.  If you wish to have your MySpace page added to my artist list, then let me know through the comments and I'll see if I can get them in there. I started to set up a MySpace page to see what it was all about.  Didn't get very far before realizing that I was just setting myself up for more work and, as you can see by the lean posting in the past week, I'm having enough trouble keeping up with the amount I have now in relation to this and other blogs that I post to.

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Wanted you to check out and maybe even link to the website of Alex Han, a young Jazz saxophonist at Berklee in Boston, who played at the Swing N VI Jazz in Rochester several years ago at the age of 13(?).

He's got some amazing video clips too.

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