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Clarissa Room may not be down for the count...

In addition to the information on their site that indicated the news of its death was premature, I heard from a friend (thanks Jean) that the Clarrisa Room will be re-opening in February. Frank DeBlase also has reported that Mike Starr (the son of the Clarissa Room's "founder" the late John Starr) assured him that the club's closing is temporary. While I didn't find an official announcement on their site, Jean said let me know that there will be a special "Grand Re-Opening Concert" this month, a benefit to assist Starr's children to keep his dream alive and keep the Clarrisa Room open. She was told there will also be updates on the Coupe DeVille's 24 hr. hotline at 585-234-1639 (I called last night and there was nothing on it about Clarissa Room).

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