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The Return of the Listings....

Enjoyed it so much, I came back for more . . .

My Sunday session hearing Wycliffe Gordon lay trombone tracks down for Jimmie Highsmith Jr.'s new album just wasn't enough, so Dianna and I drove out to Dynamic Recording Studios Saturday night while Jimmie did some more work on the album.  Another great experience as I had the opportunity to experience the full recording of one of the tracks—Marvin Gaye's What's Goin On.  First, John Viviani and Nick Murray of local band Filthy Funk laid down the rhythm track with Jimmie's drummer Jerome (Jimmie, shout out his name in the comments as I didn't get it).  Then Jimmie and Marvin Williams, one of Jimmie's mentors laid down the saxophone tracks separately.

Jimmie is trying make this album sound "live" by keeping some of the immediacy of the recordings, k keeping takes and not processing it too much in the mix.  It was fascinating watching the process roll out and getting to see one of the cuts on the new album be recorded from start to finish.  My thanks to Jimmie for the opportunity to see the process firsthand.

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Again it was a real pleasure having you and your wife at the session... The energy and spirit you came with can't be measured... It will forever be part of the project for the world to feel.. Yes the Drummers name is Jerome "JJ" Flood II... Truly one of the nicest and talented cats I know. Please give my love to your wife for me and thanks again for everything...

Your Friend,

I'm so jealous! But, then... I'm such a homebody, I hardly ever go out - which means I miss a lot of good stuff. Like this. I"m going to have to rethink my hermit-status. Good reporting, Greg.

Thanks, Yvonne. We'll get you out sometime soon....

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