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Although I'm not sure of who scooped who (albeit I didn't make announcements about the late James Brown or Etta James, I did make announcements about a number of other artists well before the April date—see here and here), Frank DeBlase over at City Newspaper's music blog recently noted that John Nugent and the folks at RIJF are doing more than keeping mum themselves about who's been signed to play this year's Rochester International Jazz Festival.  According to Frank and confirmed by John Nugent in the comments to his post, Nugent has "put a gag order on booking agents, publicists, and record labels to prevent leaks" putting it in the artists contracts that they cannot release the information until after the April 5th announcement, including in the site Pollstar, which we all relied upon for the "scoops".  Whether you believe that holding off the announcements until April is the best move or not (and John IS a professional at this, we must remember, and it's not like he hasn't had much success in promoting the RIJF), as he notes:

It's wonderful to see all the guessing of which artists we will be presenting at RIJF this year which is now fully booked. We're truly flattered because it means there is anticipation, which is what it's all about.

I for one haven't had much time to try to divine who will play this year.  I'll wait until April as I haven't been disappointed yet in the choices that Nugent, et al. has made in past years.  I'll let others read the tea leaves.

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Howdy Greg,

You are the lucky man, been given the chance to sit in on a session with Jimmie and Wycliffe had to just be unbelievable... Wow wish I could have been there. If you go back keep us posted.

Well as a fan of the blog and everything jazz in Rochester... I really hope to see Mr. Highsmith on the line up this year. I saw him and his dynamic band all of his 7 appearances for the Rochester Music Festival and at least 2 at FLPAC. Far as I could tell he'd be a perfect fit for the RIJF. Not to mention I saw him in the gym and he alerted me to the fact that he has a new CD featuring tracks with the great Wycliffe Gordon due in stores April/May 2007..... Man Maybe they could get Jimmie and Wycliffe. WOW!!! Guess we will have to just wait and see............

Bill "The Jazz Fan"

Hey Bill,

Thanks for the support. We will just have to see what happens. What I can comfirm is the new album I mentioned to you. The album will be released mid April. Thanks again for your support..


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