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RIJF engages in some "ballot stuffing" . . .

This year's Woody . . . Jerry Lee Lewis

Like last year's early announcement of Woody Allen's appearance, this year the folks over at the Rochester International Jazz Festival have sent out a press release letting us know that Jerry Lee Lewis, "an American music legend and pioneer of piano rock," will be performing at the Festival on Saturday June 9 at 8 p.m. at the Eastman Theatre. Tickets for Jerry Lee Lewis and The Killer Band go on sale Friday March 9 at 10 a.m. at all Ticketmaster locations (585-232-1000) and on the RIJF site.  Tickets are $80, $65 and $49 plus service charge. They may also be purchased at Ticket Express, 885 E Main St, (585) 222-5000, where the service charge is a lower $1 per ticket. The Rochester International Jazz Festival’s Sixth Edition runs from June 8th through June 16th. The full lineup and schedule will be announced April 5, 2007.

OK, it's not jazz, but we've had this conversation before.  The RIJF is not about being a purist, it's about getting new people out to hear live jazz music.  Jerry's part of that.  You gotta admit, he can tickle the ivories.

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I can't tell you how disappointing it is to see this type of act on a prime time night, in the prime location venue. Are you kidding me? Jerry Lee Lewis ? Rockabily maybe, jazz....NOT ! Have you sampled his latest release, which I believe he'd be promoting. Great music, another time, another place, a way 'nother genre.
I wish that they could stay in the fairway, or even in the rough cut high grass of jazz, but this has no appeal to me. I hope that final weekend show will make up for it.
I had spotted a Rochester date for the Jazz Attack, which is the smooth jazz artists of Richard Elliot, Rick Braun, Peter White, and Jonathan Butler. Guess that show was ditched for Jerry Lee ! Now that is a troubling decision.

I like the fact that the RIJF is landing some acts that push the envelope of what is and is not jazz. Jazz does not happen in a vaccum, and I think the success of this festival speaks the the fact that variety is the right spice. Will I see Mr. Great Balls O' Fire? Nope. But I might get tickets for my Dad, and he might see another act after or before that he would not have seen otherwise. I agree with Greg, here. We want more jazz and more jazz fans.

Of course, not at a show that I am trying to get into.

Pushing the envelope of jazz is one thing, but missing the boat is whole other thang ! When you thing jazz, do you think Shooter Jennings and his Electric Rodeo ? Well, he'll be at the RIJF the closing Saturday night. Maybe the East End stage, or the Eastman Theater, but I won't be around to see how the beer sales go for that crowd.
Also, I know that Dr. John is from New Orleans, and that has some relevance to jazz history, but just putting a cajun or creole flavor to music doesn't make it taste like jazz.
These two acts are listed to perform on the final Friday and Saturday night. If the RIJF is claiming, and still aiming at being a Jazz Fest, it should offer jazz artists.
For $25 bucks each, I'll be going to see jazz at the Glenora Winery to see Warren Hill and Jeff Golub in July and August.
So far, this years lineup for the RJIF makes as much sense to me as the Fast Ferry deal.
I'll scout the up and comers at the RJIF, but the headliners this year are pitiful !

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