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Designed to coincide with the Rochester International Jazz Festival (accent on the "international"), the "Jazzed emotions beyond time and space…" exhibit at the Baobab Cultural Center, at 728 University Avenue in the Art Walk neighborhood, will be presenting a series of artworks by Italian artist Angela Rossi that explore “sounds of color.”  The series of paintings by Rossi, such as that of Bessie Smith that accompanies this post, entitled Icons of Jazz, is a collection of 41 works on Plexiglas depicting jazz artists from Miles Davis to Lady Day.  Here's the lineup of events that are scheduled for this exhibition:

  • June 1 @ 5 PM – Exhibit opens. Open to public
  • June 5 @ 7 PM – lecture on the history of Jazz by a Rochester jazz aficionado, composer and musician, and RIT faculty member, Carl Atkins. This is open to public although seating will be limited.
  • June 7 @ 7 pm-9 PM – Artist's talk. By invitation only. Ms. Rossi is presented in collaboration with all the community partners, including The Commission Project, Casa Italiana of Nazareth College, Italian American Cultural Center & other sponsors.
  • June 13 @ 7:30 PM –Artist lecture at the Casa Italiana, Nazareth College.
  • June 16 @ 10 PM-12 AM – Jazz mixer & champagne party for jazz lovers after closing of jazz festival on June 16th. An RSVP is required for this event.
  • June 22 @ 7 PM – Reception at the Italian American Community Center by invitation only.
  • June 30 – Show closes and there will be a member’s mixer. Invitation only event.

Gallery hours are 1-5 PM Wed-Sun or by appointment. Community partners of the Baobab in this presentation of Rossi's work are The Commission Project, Casa Italiana, Nazareth College, The Italian American Community Center (IACC),  Provincia dell'Aquila. For details and to RSVP, contact Moka Lantum at 585.820.6403 or via email at AT

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