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Lessons Learned in Day Two of the RIJF

"Da Jazz" . . . Day Two of the 2007 Rochester International Jazz Festival

Here's the second edition of Da Jazz for June 9th, wherein my friends and fellow bloggers Seth (Cup O' Books) and Ken (Fretful Porpentine) join me to just sit around and talk about our experiences at the Rochester International Jazz Festival.  No great jazz criticism here—just three guys sitting around a table (in this case on the floor at the Crowne Plaza Hotel just outside the State Street Bar & Grill where the after hours sets are underway). Let us know what you think about your second day of the RIJF in the comments.

So here it is...the second issue of Da Jazz...

"Da Jazz", No. 2

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Since both this post and Ken's post went up in the last half hour, and I just posted mine, I can surmise we are all in the same state at the same moment.

Synergy and syncronicity!

You three are great to listen to! "Da Jazz" is a wonderful idea. Keep it coming.

The amount of live, online info about this fest is amazing. We should do one massive show with everybody at the end.

Thanks, Jason. We're going to try to keep doing them, although the impending work week is likely to pose some issues. Let's talk some more about this end of the RIJF podcast/bloggers show.

Wish I'd been at the Crowne Plaza with you guys, but I probably would have fallen asleep.

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