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I'm Sure You're All Waiting with Baited Breath . . . .

I've again run out of time to write before the time nears to head back down to Jazz Street at the Rochester International Jazz Festival, so I will not be able to post on my experiences hearing some of the acts over the past couple of days until, it seems now, after the end of the festival.  I have my notes and memories (supplemented my fellow bloggers and writers) so I'll try to write up some impressions on the past few days of the RIJF soon.  I wanted to get my "forward-looking" posts out there and have done that.  Enjoy! See you on Jazz Street and right here later.

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I wait with baited breath, Greg. Actually, maybe not baited, but breath, anyway. Hope you had fun tonight. Thanks for the text message. I had a good dinner and mall shopping adventure with my daughter. And, she was funny and nice to me! All in all, a stellar evening--even without jazz.

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