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It's 2am and You STILL Want Jazz? . . . Catch Some Local Rochester Talent at the Flat Iron Cafe

I've been saying for a long time that there needs to be something during the Rochester International Jazz Festival to sate the jazz needs of folks who are just not ready to stop (and many of whom have taken days off or are on vacation here in Rochester) that would highlight some of the great talent we have here.  According to the website for the Flat Iron Cafe at 561 State Street (585.454.4830) and Aaron Staebell, who plays drums with the Bill Tiberio Group and his own band Bending and Breaking, there will be live jazz at the Cafe starting at 2 am, conveniently when it wraps up at the Crowne Plaza Hotel with Bob Sneider each night just down the street.  Aaron's group will be playing on June 11th and 13th starting at 2 am (and at 8:30 pm on the 12th at Boulder Coffee). I don't know who else is playing, but will update this post as I find out more. Added June 7th: The 2 a.m. dates up there were a bit misleading as Aaron communicated them to me as if they were part of the preceding day (for someone of Aaron's tender years this is not unusual ), so in reality, the 2 am gigs at Flat Iron Cafe that Bending and Breaking Aaron Stabell Trio will be playing are the the mornings of the 12th and 14th.  Here's are the listings now on the Flat Iron Cafe site:

After Hours Jam Sessions at the Flat Iron Café during the Rochester International Jazz Festival. No cover charge.

Quinn Lawrence Trio will be playing following:

  • RIJF Friday, June 8th, from 2 am Saturday until ?
  • RIJF Saturday, June 9th, from 2 am Sunday until ?
  • RIJF Sunday, June 10th, from 2 am Monday until ?
  • RIJF Tuesday, June 12th, from 2 am Wednesday until ?
  • RIJF Thursday, June 14th, from 2 am Friday until ?
  • RIJF Friday, June 15th, from 2 am Saturday until ?
  • RIJF Saturday, June 16th, from 2 am Sunday until ?

Aaron Staebell Trio will be playing following:

  • RIJF, Monday June 11th, from 2 am Tuesday until ?
  • RIJF, Wednesday, June 13th, from 2 am Thursday until ?

Now, what about some more alternative venues for after hours?  While I understand the reasons that the main event is down at the Crowne Plaza, I expect the crowds at this year's after hours sets will hit the tipping point.  I'm still going to check them out, but it's nice knowing that alternatives are at least beginning to be in the mix.

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Saturday night after hours at Flat Iron Cafe exceeded expectations when David Kikoski and Ryan Shaw joined the Quinn Lawrence Trio among others. Big thanks to you at Jazz@Rochester and Derek Lucas for letting the diehards know we're blocks away from the Crowne Plaza and sticking to the game plan of giving Rochester jazz year round; this week until the break of dawn. -Big thanks! Tommy LaBue

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