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It's a Moblogging Convoy . . . .

Another Traditional Media Outlet Jumps on the RIJF Blogging Bandwagon

I just discovered through pure happenstance that there is a "blog" over at the Democrat & Chronicle this year chronicling the Rochester International Jazz Festival.  Hell, I'm LOOKING for stuff about this year's festival and hadn't found them yet (although, to be fair, I haven't been looking much on the D&C festival site for the past few days as I've been too busy listening to jazz).  Written by a team including Anna Reguero and Jann Nyffeler (Jeff Spevak and Jack Garner, who are listed on the masthead have yet to make an appearance), it is blog-like in that it is written in the reverse chronological and, props to them, allows comments and trackbacks.  The writing is personal and contributes to the conversation out there about the RIJF. While I think they're still missing the "social" in the social media of blogs, I'm glad to have yet another voice out there promoting what we're all pulling for—luring people out of their cocoons to see live jazz and other music here in the Rochester area, both during the festival and, more importantly for Jazz@Rochester, throughout the year.  Keep at it!

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