Ring, Ring . . . Moblogging from the RIJF
Inaugural podcast of "Da Jazz" . . . Day One of the 2007 RIJF

Ring, Ring . . . Moblogging from the RIJF

This is a live update from from the Rochester International Jazz Festival in Rochester, NY.  Click on the bar to find out . . . it may be an interview on the street, suggestions for the later shows, updates on crowds and lines, and other things to allow you to experience some of the RIJF even if you're not here.

Live Update from RIJF

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This is very, very cool stuff, Greg. Following in your footsteps, I set up a Hipcast account and will start moblogging tomorrow over at http://thejazzsession.com. You're the man!

Just got back from the after hours . . . The more the merrier! I have to credit my friend Peter (http://www.peterpappas.blogs.com) for this idea about doing the updates (especially about the "gotta see the 10pm show") and my business partners at WME Blogs (http://www.wmeblogs.com) for connecting me to Hipcast.com.

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