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So, What Are You Going to Hear Wednesday? My Picks for June 13th

I was so busy keeping up with things between the start of the Rochester International Jazz Festival on the 8th and now that this was the first opportunity I have had to get back to putting out some details on what I'm planning on hearing during the festival.  We last looked into what would be good to hear on June 12th.  Now on to Wednesday, June 13th. There are a number of artists that I want to see and not enough time or time slots to see them.  So, here's where I plan to be listening for the evening of the 13th:

Christian Scott Band

I heard some tracks by Christian Scott and want to catch this Nu-Jazz trumpeter at Kilbourn Hall.  Scott mixes a lot of influences into his playing and writing.  In addition to his own site, check out Scott's MySpace page for 4 cuts and some video. There is a review of his new album Rewind This (on Concord Jazz) on AllAboutJazz.com.  His write up and a couple of MP3s are up on the RIJF site here.

Matt Wilson Arts & Crafts

I've been feeling more adventurous up to now, so have opted for Matt Wilson Arts & Crafts over Hilario Duran (which before the festival was my first choice), but mostly because he is described in several places as having a wacky sense of humor, which is applied to his band leadership.  For more about Matt Wilson and his music, you can listen to the title track from his new CD on Palmetto, read a 2003 review on AllAboutJazz.com, or read the information provided by the RIJF.

Other Than That . . .

If I'm not in Eastman hearing Brubeck, I'll be trying to choose between the soul stylings of Miss Bettye LaVette, Nordic Jazz Now Presents Ilmiliekki Quartet (RIJF page), or perhaps Bonerama if I miss them on the 12th.

Let us know what you are hearing in the comments....

See you on Jazz Street at the Rochester International Jazz Festival!!!

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Hold onto your hats! Bettye LaVette is the act to see, I promise. She is the most dynamic stage performer working today. When she hits the stage, it's like somebody ignited a bomb.

When you leave a Bettye LaVette concert, you are happy that you decided to see her. She's said, "People want to see a great show, I intend to see that they get one."


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