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Straightahead Takes a Break . . . Some Diverse Choices for Monday, June 11th

On to the acts I've "penciled in" for Monday, June 11th of the Rochester International Jazz Festival.  There is no Eastman show tonight. Here are my picks:

Mamadou Diabate Ensemble

I saw Mamadou Diabate in the 2005 version of the RIJF and was mesmerized by this master of the kora. I'm hoping that my wife will be able to hear the ensemble this year.  Check out videos of a performance of Mamadou and the Ensemble here and here.  Frank DeBlase gives his take over at City Newspaper and the RIJF, of course, has a writeup.

Robin Eubanks EB3

While I have a sweet spot for the trombone of Wycliffe Gordon, whose playing always amazes me, it will be a treat to hear Robin Eubanks and his group EB3 for a counterpoint as I understand his music with them skews toward newer forms, utilizing electronics to bend and sequence the 'bone a bit. Check his MySpace page out to listen to some of it for yourself.  Eubanks has made a number of podcasts available.  I've also found a video on YouTube that has Eubanks discussing EB3 and the playing the music to give you a good taste of what you're in for when you go.

What Else Is There . . . ?

My "midzone" Monday night is sort of up for grabs and will depend on my mood and some other factors at the time (can't program everything as that actual detracts from enjoying the festival).  Although they're a bit "out there", I may catch another Nordic Jazz series act, Midaircondo.  However, perhaps Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks will be the ticket for some of that Folk/Country Swing thang.  On the other hand, perhaps I'll be in the mood for the Thundering Herd of sax players of 4 Brothers 7. If you want to catch someone local, check out Vince Ercolamento Quartet.

We'll be here all week.... See you for the 12th tomorrow!

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Hi Greg and Jazz@Rochester fans,

Check out The Jazz Session (http://thejazzsession.com) on June 11 for an interview with Robin Eubanks. I'm interviewing him at 2 p.m., then I'll dash back home and post the audio.

Great job as always, Greg!

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