From Ivey Divey to Toots . . . Day 8 of "Da Jazz"
Ring, Ring . . . Moblogging from the RIJF

The Last Day Begins . . . RIJF 2007 Slides Into Home

Preparing to head out in a little while for the last day of the 6th Rochester International Jazz Festival.  Bill Frisell, Avishai Cohen and Jenns Winther Quintet are on the bill of fare.  I may catch the after hours with Ken and Seth as we close up with our last "Da Jazz" podcast (at least until next year). 

With weather that was almost supernaturally perfect for Rochester, it looks like this RIJF is going to be a record-breaker, easily topping the 80,000 in attendance from last year.  The Nordic Jazz Now series of concerts over at the great new venue in the sanctuary of the Reformation Lutheran Church have been a resounding success.  With few glitches and help from Ma Nature, John Nugent, Marc Iacona and Co. have pulled off another memorable RIJF (at least for me).

I'm writing this short post mostly to draw your comments.  Let us know how the RIJF has been for you.  Just click on the Comments link at the bottom of this post and fill in the form.

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Hey, Greg!
So glad to have finally met you. Here are a few quick comments on this year's fest (though I have more to write in my own blog!). Highs: Jonathan Kreisberg, Randy Brecker and Ada Rovatti, Benny Golson, Andreas Petterson, Rick Holland/Evan Dobbins, and all the musicians supporting them; running into friends and fellow music lovers all over; getting my pass signed by my favorites; cute and well-behaved jazz dogs--wish I'd brought mine once; the vibe in general. Lows: Waiting in line at Max's and not only being shut out, but not being told so we could have moved on and made another choice; kids in strollers, double strollers, wagons; restaurants closing at 11:00 even on a Saturday night during jazz fest. Looking at the photos online made me sad that it was all over, that's for sure. I'll have to organize my thoughts for my blog today or tomorrow. Talk to you soon! Have a restful Sunday/Father's Day.

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