My Listening Habits for June 14th at the Rochester Jazz Festival
Ring, Ring . . . Moblogging from the RIJF

Tomorrow I'll Be Rested and Ready to Blog, But Today . . . .?

OK, fatigue and trying to maintain the rest of my life in some semblance of normality (OK, that's a load of crap . . . there's no normality, but it's so much fun!) finally had the better of me (and apparently Ken and Seth). Hence no podcast for June 12th's meanderings at the RIJF (my own recorded notes from last night ended up on the cutting room floor). While I've managed to keep up with seeing more than one act each night, my ability to keep up with posting on them has waned. Since there are so many others are writing about the performances, I will wait to do my post(s) on last night's and tonight's explorations of the Rochester International Jazz Festival sometime tomorrow (I will be taking a day off from the day job). Only the one other post out today, but that one was necessary to keep ahead of the schedule for performances.  I may moblog some though, and don't know whether Ken, Seth and I will be getting together for another installment of "Da Jazz" podcast later tonight or not. 

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