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A few random things about me . . . it's meme time again

Last week, Jason over at RocBike and, closer to my heart (come to think of it, my heart could use some biking), The Jazz Session, has tagged me with a meme that's been going around the blogosphere to let you all know 5 random things about me that might not be readily apparent.  I'm going to take the tack of Seth, who Jason also tagged, and focus my "random" things a bit. So here goes:

  1. In addition to listening to jazz (no . . . really), I listen to an eclectic range of music, including alt country, singer-songwriters and folk, blues, 80s alternative, classical, electronica and dance, world music (particularly from Africa), and hip hop (well, old-school hip hop).
  2. I still listen to vinyl from time-to-time as I still have over 700 LPs.
  3. I ran a record store back in the early 1980s while a student at the University of Chicago and worked for about a year at the flagship store for the old Chicago record store chain Rose Records (which alas is no more), where I ran the cutouts section. A good portion of my record collection came out of this experience, including an almost complete set of Coltrane's LPs on Impulse! were bought at the latter after the label was bought by MCA and the old Impulse! pressings were cut out. Now if I could only find a turntable that works . . . .
  4. I wish I played any instrument well enough to improvise. Of course, then I'd have to practice . . . . a lot.
  5. This tag showed up another issue I'm finding with this blog . . . I don't have enough of a network.  Unfortunately, Jason has tagged some of the folks that I would have tagged already and I'm not sure there are enough left in my network who want to be "tagged" (and if they don't wish to carry it on, I understand and won't be hurt . . . really).

So, if you don't mind Tom (disclosure. . . I also write on this blog), George and Peter—tag you're it !  Do with it what you want. I'm giving my friend Annie a pass this time as I see she's already done this meme at least once.  Now I need to look into expanding my network a bit, eh?

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