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Wanna know why you shoulda made the trip down the Thruway? reviews the Syracuse Jazz Festival

Charlie Hunter Trio in Honeoye Falls? Check Out the Bennett Alliance Music Fest...

If you missed Charlie Hunter at last year's RIJF? Here's another chance to catch this amazing guitarist. The Charlie Hunter Trio will be headlining with a a wide spectrum of jazz, folk and other artists at the Bennett Alliance Music Fest on July 21, all day from noon to 9pm. Admission is only $8. Festival will be rain or shine as it is held under a covered pavilion. This year's festival will feature:

The Bennett Alliance festival will be in Honeoye Falls at Fireman's Field (Map: 383 Monroe St, Honeoye Falls, NY), located 15 miles south of Rochester. Call (585) 944-4869 for tickets or get more info and tickets at the Bennett Alliance website.

The Bennett Alliance is a Boston-based record label and production company, founded by saxophonist Daniel Bennett, who lived in Rochester for many years, where he played with artists like Joe Santora, Ted Poor, and Ike Sturm. In 2002, Daniel Bennett moved to Boston to complete his Masters at the New England Conservatory. There he formed a drummerless trio with fellow Rochester native John Servo on bass, joined by acoustic guitarist Chris Hersch. The group played a strange clash of jazz, folk, and 20th century minimalism. In 2003, the Daniel Bennett Group began performing extensively throughout Boston and New York and searching for ways to promote his niche-oriented jazz music. With a strong cult following but little money, Bennett Alliance was formed. The first Bennett Alliance Music Fest was held in Honeoye Falls, New York in the summer of 2003. The festival started off neighborhoodood concert, but quickly grew from there. In 2004, Bennett Alliance returned to Honeoye Falls with better funding and having learned from the first festival, moving to the Honeoye Falls Fireman's Field, a well known venue that seats over 300 people. In the summer of 2006, Bennett Alliance teamed up with west coast indie label Velvet Blue Music to put on the third Bennett Alliance Music Fest, returning to Honeoye Falls with a fresh line-up of jazz and rock groups from across the country.  I'm hoping that Custom Brewcrafters will be involved as they are located near there in Honeoye Falls.  Good beer, good music ... what else could you ask for?

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Right on! Bennett Alliance Music Fest will be off the hook! Gregory Paul, Charlie Hunter, Jazz Mad Lab, Daniel Bennett Group... one stage... very cool

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