Live jazz from Rochester....A moblog
There's live jazz out there . . . go hear it!

Oh no, you didn't . . . Why you're seeing ads

As you may have noticed, I recently placed a small Google AdSense ad block and created an "aStore" on  I'll keep this to a minimum, but wanted to explain my reasons:

  • The obvious one is that I need some scratch to pay my bar tab at the various jazz clubs I try to frequent (although I don't get out as much as I want, I do so much for frequently than the average Joe).  I will NOT be making much scratch from the level of advertising and "monetization", probably enough for a few beers here and there.  Everyone needs some filthy lucre now and then.
  • One part of the business my wife and I are building involves building blogs for businesses and other organizations. This blog itself was started to help me learn about blogging; I turned one of my passions into a fairly strong local blog.  Adding Google Adsense ads and building an Amazon aStore is now teaching me some lessons on how these aspects of blogging can be implemented, how the tools to build them work, etc.
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