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Jimmie Highsmith reaches a milestone! Jimmie, can we call you "Jr." anymore?

Jimmie Highsmith Jr.My buddy Jimmie Highsmith Jr. is going to be celebrating his 40th birthday with some of his friends on Sept 15th from 7:00 to10:00 pm at VENU Resto-Lounge at 151 St. Paul St. in Rochester.

Jimmie will be joined in this celebration by 4X Grammy nominee Joseph Wooten of the Wooten Brothers (you may have heard brother Victor recently), jazz producer and sax player Will Holten, Tyler Owens on vocals and members of the groups Black August and Filthy Funk, plus others who may show up (every time I see Jimmie he's inviting someone, so who knows who will show up...). Admission is FREE (yes . . . free, although you might want to avail yourself of one of those great martinis they make at VENU and I bet they'll charge you for that). Doors open at 6:30 pm. Remember that VENU likes to see you dress to impress. Visit their website or phone (585) 232-5650.

So, can we call Jimmie a "Jr." anymore?  Of course we can as I'm sure Mr. Highsmith Sr. would appreciate it.  I'm one to talk about age....I passed this milestone over 5 years ago.  Forty years . . . It is what it is! Happy Birthday, Jimmie! Let's . . .

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