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Quinn Lawrence and the Flat Iron Cafe's after hours jam gets a nod. . .

Frank DeBlase over at the City Newspaper has written a profile of Quinn Lawrence, who holds down a job on the real swing shift with his trio at the Flat Iron Cafe at an after hours jam starting at 1:00 am on Saturday nights (OK, Sunday all depends on your perspective). Quinn is a multi-instrument jazz man (Frank, you left out the saxophone...) who is comfortable playing all across the spectrum of jazz. If you're out on the town and not quite ready to head home to the bed, Quinn and his trio will keep that head bobbing for awhile longer. There's some great jazz at the Flat Iron at other times, too. Flat Iron Cafe owner Tom LaBue would love to help you get some caffeine into those veins (or beer and wine) and get a bit more than a "modest crowd" out to support the jazz. Check out the story and the jam . . . it's worth staying up late.

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