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Support your local jazz station . . . become a member of Jazz 90.1

I enjoy listening to the local jazz station WGMC, Jazz 90.1 and often stream it at work and home (at work because I don't have a radio in my office and at home because the nearby Cobbs Hill plays havoc with the signal of the stations on the lower end of the dial. On October 17th, the station kicked off its fall 2007 membership campaign. Jazz90.1 has set a goal of $50,000 for the drive, which runs through October 26th.

One of the last 24-hour jazz radio stations in the country, WGMC Jazz 90.1 relies on donations to survive financially each year. The DJs and staff promote jazz throughout the community and at the Rochester International Jazz Festival. During this year's pledge drive there will be guest celebrity DJs and artist interviews, as well as plenty of "thank you" gifts to go around, including Jazz90.1 clothing, "best of" CDs, DVDs, and more.

Become a member or make a pledge by calling (585) 966-5299 or 1-800-790-0415 toll-free, or you may pledge securely online, where you can also listen live in stereo any time, anywhere. Past pledge drives have enabled Jazz90.1 to grow to a 15,000 watt station that can be enjoyed throughout the Rochester area, and worldwide on the Internet. Your continued support will help keep 24-hour jazz available in Rochester and help pay for stronger signals and the streaming that makes it possible to hear Jazz 90.1 near Cobbs Hill or anywhere else. I think I need to renew my membership this time.

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We should be appreciative that we have a full time jazz station that plays such a wide mix of music. Any contribution that keeps this station afloat should be a requisite for any listener..
All of us that listen should help..

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