Happy New Year!!!
Did you think I forgot? I almost did . . . Here are your jazz listings, Rochester

The good Dr. Lonnie Smith at Exodus to Jazz . . . Some of the live jazz from last year in Rochester

I loved this little "ditty" from Dr. Lonnie Smith's performance at the Exodus to Jazz series during 2007 with our own Mel Henderson on guitar with Yoron Israel on drums.  I was there for this one. He started out with a whisper, almost like he was trying to get some keys on his B3 to quit sticking, but as you'll see he gets a funky groove going soon thereafter keeps at it with help from Mel (from whom you will be hearing more from in this blog) and Yoron. 

Sorry you missed it? Get out and see some of the live jazz like this that we have right here in Rochester during 2008.  If you don't, they may just quit coming down the Thruway.

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