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Jazz is the music that "represents the heart of America . . . ."

Herbie Hancock's win of the Best Album Grammy for River: The Joni Letters was more than just another Grammy for Herbie, who has a few of them already. It was only the second time in 50 years that a jazz album had won that award. In a recent interview with Tavis Smiley on PBS, Hancock riffed on that subject, saying:

. . .if I were to win this award, this would be a win for jazz, which is not only just the music that I personally love, but it's the music that represents the heart of America. And really, I believe the heart of the spirit of the human being because the music contains characteristics that are the best of what a human being has to offer, which is that it's nonjudgmental, that it's about sharing, not about competition. That it's about being in the moment, and it's totally creative, and also the music is eclectic, and it borrows from other genres of music, and it lends itself to other genres of music. And there are just so many characteristics that really talk about the human spirit. So I wanted to win so that people would begin to pay attention to this music, which I think is a great music.

I agree. . . . Here's the whole interview:

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