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So it's not Amazon, but every little bit counts right? . . . The Jazz@Rochester store

So, you may have noticed a new badge I created in the left column. Click on it and you'll be magically transported to the Jazz@Rochester online store. The store has been there for awhile and a few of you have found it through the text link I used to have there. This post is really a shout out to the local artists out there to send me some links and album art for your new releases so I can add them to the store.   

CDI tried the Amazon A-Store thing for awhile, but it really wasn't doing it for me, and I'd rather give local artists the chance to link to the online source that provides them the biggest payback (I know that Amazon doesn't).  I may add an Amazon link (if one exists) to give people who prefer to buy from them the opportunity to do that. 

Artists and groups . . . SEND ME YOUR STUFF!  I need something to replace some of the current occupants, which are now not really "new releases".

I reserve the right to take my own damn time in getting a particular CD up on the Store and in deciding whether or not to put one up there.

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