Some listings from the Windy City . . . well I'm there, but this jazz is in Rochester
You don't know where you're going without knowing where you've been . . . the roots of jazz on Jazz Roots

100 great jazz albums on the wall . . . 100 great jazz al-bums . . . take one down and pass it around. . . .

CDI've been meaning to let you know about the blog 100 Greatest Jazz Albums for some time.  Blogger Ken Watkins brings you his choices for the best in jazz, highlights the greatest jazz albums, and selects the best of the jazz CD and mp3 new releases. The site includes the following features and links:

  • The 100 Greatest Jazz Albums (an ongoing review of the 100 greatest jazz albums)
  • Recently released and recommended top jazz CD albums
  • Recent re-releases
  • Forthcoming jazz new releases and jazz re-releases
  • What's selling best on the Amazon Top 100 jazz download and jazz album charts (updated hourly)
  • Links to free video and audio jazz podcasts
  • Jazz news
  • Jazz on DVD
  • A jukebox that plays and directs you to mp3 tracks that are approved for download
  • A jazz gig guide

Now you might not agree with all of Ken's choices, but he's collected a lot of stuff and it's definitely worth some exploration.

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