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April showers some jazz on Rochester, but you don't need an umbrella . . . just your ears

Another voice heard from about jazz around Rochester. . . on her own blog!

As I've taken to exposing you all to some other voices who are out there listening and writing about jazz, I thought I'd direct you over to my friend Tracy Kroft and her blog Rochester Music Scene (and Heard).  Last night she went out to see the Rick Holland-Evan Dobbins Little Big Band at Tasteology in Pittsford and wrote it up in her blog. While Tracy is not one to hold back when something is off, she obviously had a good experience:

While they are "little" in size as compared to a standard big band, they have a huge sound which comes at you in layers with rich textures and beautiful flow. Hmm. Sounds like a description of a dress, I know, but that's how I heard their music. Complex, crisp--each player right on the mark--I could have listened to them all night.

Tracy has firmed up my plans to go out and catch this group, perhaps next week (although there's a comment on her site that they'll be taping OnStage at WXXI on Monday so now I'm wondering....). Check them out on this YouTube video from their performance at High Fidelity during the 2007 RIJF that Tracy mentions in her post:


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Why is it always so much more impressive when I show up on your blog? Maybe it's because your blog is so much more impressive in general! Thanks so much.

By the way, what do you mean by "not one to hold back when something is off" anyway?! ;-)

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