Jumping off the jazz trolley a bit to spend some time with the teeming hordes ... Day 8 of the Rochester International Jazz Festival
The rain didn't cool down the hot sounds of Day One of the Rochester International Jazz Festival

All things must end . . . Day 9 of the Rochester Jazz Festival

RIJF logoWell, as the festival has begun and I need to start writing about what is happening NOW, I'm going to lay out the current plans for the last night of the Rochester International Jazz Festival (subject to change as were my plans for opening night). Here is how I'll be spending the 2008 RIJF's last day on earth:

  • 6:00 pm: Heading into Kilbourn Hall to catch someone I wished I hadn't missed when she appeared here at last years RIJF—Catherine Russell. From jazz to blues to R&B, from torches to juke joint honky-tonk, this woman's voice handles it all. She was one of last year's sleepers, so you'll want to get there early. You can hear some of her singing on her MySpace page and here's a video of her singing I Don't Care Who Knows at Joe's Pub in NYC in February.
  • 7:30 pm: If I'm not wandering the streets somewhere listening to the free stuff that will be starting up around the same time (just depends on my mood), I'll head over to the Reformation Church to catch the Sliding Hammers.  They've been here quite a few times and are always a favorite, but the only time I've seen them was at an after hours at the hotel last year. Two striking sisters from Sweden who have some major trombone chops.  Here's a couple of videos of them from a 2007 festival apparently at home (one and two).
  • 9:00 pm: Going to join the crowd for some Medeski Martin & Wood at the Chestnut Street Stage outside. I've seen these guys quite a few times, but enjoy how they put it down. Here they are doing their thing at Umbria last year. You can listen to a few cuts on MySpace.
  • 10:00 pm: If the crowd gets to be too much or I just want to get inside to have a sit down, I"m going to head into Max at Eastman Place for a dose of Hammond B3 with Barbara Dennerlein.  I've been hearing that she's a phenom on the B3, and it's just one of those instruments I can't get enough of (hence starting out with MMW). Check out this YouTube Channel, in which a fan(?) collects a number of videos of her playing in Ride the Dennerlein Wave.
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