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From some local friends to a visit to the Doctor to a ukelele god . . . all in Day 5 of the Rochester International Jazz Festival

Day 4 of the Rochester Jazz Festival has a lot of sax appeal

RIJF logoMonday night, Day 4 of the Rochester International Jazz Festival shapes up for me to be a wide range of flavors, but most of them in the form of saxophone. While I'll take a break listening to Cindy Blackman in the middle, the rest of the night is sax-drenched. Not that I'm complaining....  Here's my Monday plans, with a little extra thrown in to help you decide if you want to join me (added image I discovered tonight [6/15] that the times for these were screwed up . . . well one is screwed up . . . so I have to reconfigure the choices to make it work. The new lineup for me is as follows):

  • 5:30 pm: If I can get in after the article in the D&C, I'll try to catch the Cindy Blackman Quartet over at the Harro East, if only for the rare experience of a woman hitting the skins, but even rarer is a woman who has the chops to play with likes of Jackie McLean and Sam Rivers, as well as Lenny Kravitz and Joss Stone, and looks to Art Blakey and Tony Williams for inspiration. You can listen to some cuts on her MySpace page and check out the videos on YouTube to see and hear her in action. 
  • 8:00 pm: I'll head over to the Montage for David Liebman. His music has been described as "ranging from jazz standards to Puccini arias, original adaptations from the John Coltrane and Miles Davis repertoires, original compositions in styles ranging from world music to fusion, always maintaining a repertoire that balances the past, present and future." His site has a number of videos of him and the group playing live, so I'll send you there to check him out. Of course, he's on MySpace.  He also blogs in his newsletter Intervals. (this is the one I messed up on the time, requiring a complete rejiggering added image [6/16] Now I'm really confused. The RIJF's update email has Liebman listed at 6:00 and 10:00 pm tonight, so perhaps I didn't screw up originally--I had him at 10:00-- but the printed program has him at 6:00 and 8:00 pm, which was what caused the change above. Now you're on your own.  The choices are still there, but timing will be key. Added later: They've cleared it up; the second set is at 10:00 pm).
  • 8:45 pm: Perhaps I'll cut out of Liebman early and head over to Christ Church to catch the Miguel Zenón Quartet. A founding member of the SF Jazz Collective, Zenón is one of the saxophonists to watch out there and this will be a great chance to hear him in the intimate and acoustically interesting setting of Christ Church.  There are quite a lot of cuts on his MySpace page and here is a video of him and his quartet at the El Nuyorican Cafe in NYC (which will lead you to more...).
  • 10:00 pm: Got to catch the old cats of jazz when they come to town, so I'll be trying to see Lou Donaldson Quartet when he brings his soul grooves to Kilbourn Hall. Read a 2006 interview on He's got some videos, like this one from a festival in Atlanta and another one from a bit further back in the day (1994).
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