It ain't over until the guy with the hat sings ... Another Rochester International Jazz Festival wraps
The question I kept getting asked on Jazz Street ... What have been your favorites at this year's RIJF?

What you say? My comment policy needs restating....

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My comment policy on this blog is pretty simple and has been stated in a previous post.  It's simply:

No spamming, stay on topic, play nice, and only put in links to guide my readers to relevant resources or information.

In the past, I have let my comments publish automatically because most of them have fallen well within this simple policy, but for the time being I'll be moderating them. If you're going to post a comment, please try to place your comment on a post that is relevant to that topic. I realize that in some cases there won't be a post relevant to what or who you want to comment about. I take that into account when moderating. I'm glad that people are using the comments, but their purpose is to start conversations, not to engage in promotion.

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