You can go to Syracuse and sit in a square or stay here...You'll find jazz in both places!
Dog days of summer doesn't mean you can't jazz it up...

Want live jazz? You can get it right hear...

CD imageI have two minds about posting about You Are What You Hear, a blog that features bootleg recordings of live jazz from an absolutely stunning number of artists (just look at the categories down the right side), across a wide spectrum of genres and time. While I doubt the "tapers" and others that provide You Are What You Hear with recordings have asked permission in all cases, I think that in many ways sites like these can be instrumental (no pun intended) in turning people on to an artist or group. Hearing some of the greatest jazz artists out there perform live (in venues all over the world), especially with the quality of sound in many of these recordings, can lead to more sales of their CDs in the long run as they turn people on to their music.  The site is set up so you can listen without even downloading them (just hover over the music files and Snap will usually come up and allow you to play the file).

I encourage you to try out some new sounds and then go out and buy that artist's or groups' CDs or hear them live should they drop by Rochester or somewhere else you might be.

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