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Exodus to Jazz blows into town for the beginning of its Fall season

ICP Orchestra does some instant composition here in Rochester

ICP OrchestraJazz improvisation is about the moment, it is "instant composition," a phrase coined by guitarist Jim Hall as recounted in the history of the band of the Instant Composition Pool Orchestra. As the history continues:

A quiet manifesto, those two English words countered notions that improvising was either a lesser order of music-making than composing, or an art without a memory, existing only in the moment, unmindful of form. Misha's formulation posited improvisation as formal composition's equal (if not its superior, being faster).

The ICP Orchestra, founded by Misha Mengelberg, who has been a major figure on the Dutch jazz scene since the 1960s, will be appearing on Wednesday, September 3rd in a  Bop Arts production the Bop Shop Atrium in Village Gate. To support Bop Arts, the nonprofit created to fund these and other music events, a $20 donation is requested. 

  • Read more about ICP in the write up about the gig on the Bop Shop website.
  • Check this video (or the videos on their site).
  • Jeff Spevak had an article with an interview ICP perscussionist Han Bennink in the Democrat & Chronicle on Thursday.
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