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Is the music always greener on the other side? Rod Blumenau and RIT's Performing Artists Concert Series shows us how to recycle music on January 9th

Rod Blumenau imageOn Friday January 9th at 8:00 pm, RIT's Performing Arts Concert Series will be presenting Music Recycling 101, which integrates amusing commentary with talented performance by the Rod Blumenau Quartet. Rod will be showing in an entertaining way how familiar music has been "recycled" to reappear in new forms. Assisted by bassist Jeff Campbell, Gabe Condon on guitar, violin and vocals, and Brad Paxton on percussion, Professor Blumenau will demonstrate how classical themes have been used as the basis of pop and jazz tunes and how the chord structures of pop music have been used to create new jazz compositions, to disprove the common notion that a musician can only play one style of music well. Among the composers whose tunes will be featured are Fred Chopin, Mo Ravel, Al Borodin, Lou Beethoven, Thelonius Monk, George Gershwin, Billy Joel, and many others.

The recycling will be presented at the Rochester Institute of Technology Center for Campus Life, Ingle Auditorium in the Student Alumni Union. Tickets are $6 (students), $15 (faculty/staff/alumni), and $20 for the rest of us, and may be purchased at the RIT Student Alumni Union Candy Counter or at the door on concert night, if available. For VISA or Master Card phone orders, call the RIT Field House Box Office at (585) 475-4121 after September 12th. You can find erformer bios, relevant web links, parking information, and a campus map are posted at the Series web site or by contacting David Perlman at (585)381-3543, or via email.

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