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Bop Arts brings the Ab Baars Trio with Ken Vandermark to Rochester

Bop Arts logoBop Arts, Inc. will be presenting the innovative music of Ab Baars Trio with Ken Vandermark on Monday, April 20th at 8pm. Saxophonist Ab Baars is a celebrated players on the Dutch jazz scene, member of the ICP Orchestra (familiar to denizens of the Bop Shop Atrium) and has worked with many in jazz improvised music on both sides of the pond. With his trio of bassist Wilbert de Joode and drummer Martin van Duynhoven, Baars has released numerous CDs, including the new Goofy June Bug (Wig) featuring a new collaboration with saxophonist Ken Vandermark, an intrepid explorer of improvised music, a fellow Chicagoan (fellow to me that is), and a recipient of a MacArthur “Genius” Award. You can read more at the Bop Shop's site.

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