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It's Friday, so let's do some exploring ... Take Five jazz links

TakeFiveFriday logoTwo weeks in a row! Now that's progress. I've looked through my jazz feeds and found five new links for you to check out. Without any further adoo...

  • Harvard Business School's take on Miles Davis's Kind of Blue. In a business case, HBS professor Robert D. Austin and Carl Størmer highlight the takeaways for thoughtful managers and executives from the story of the creation and innovation on this seminal album.
  • A live recording on NPR of Tom Harrell Quintet at the Village Vanguard.
  • Credit to local trumpeter Mike Kaupa for passing around this video of Ernestine Anderson singing Moanin'. As Mike wrote, "Ernestine is an angel, but the organ player plays for the other team."
  • If you are having trouble finding the chords for that song you're trying to learn, check out SeventhString's Fake Book Index.
  • I recently ran across Jazz Studies Online, which "aims to broaden thinking about jazz," selecting "a wide range of digital resources—journal articles, book chapters, magazines, teaching materials, talks, internet links, and performances—to represent the diversity and innovation in jazz studies.

So take five and explore. Let me know what you think in the comments ....There will be five more next week.

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